Working conditions and benefits

Employees are provided with a sound and reasonable welfare program.

The Company is located in a convenient geographical location where the factory and office environment meets the high quality of 6S management.

The Company is located in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City. With integrated functions for factory and office 2-in-1, the Company building is conveniently located at the exit of Zhonghe Interchange, near MRT Qiaohe station, and at the juncture of multiple bus routes.

To enhance staff efficiency, production lines adopt air-conditioners in an all-around way. The air quality and noise quality of the factory area both exceed the legal standards. At the same time, 6S ​​management is implemented for the safety and quality of the factory area and production lines.


A sound, reasonable and generous welfare program lays the foundation for the Company to cultivate talent and attract elites.

Based on the Labor Standards Act, the Company provides employees with a sound and reasonable welfare program, including:

  • 1.Employees' dividend and share ownership plan
  • 2.Employees' options for stock subscription
  • 3.Contribution to employees' retirement pensions
  • 4.Domestic and foreign trips for staff
  • 5. Contracted hospitals for staff medical care
  • 6.Annual regular physical check-up
  • 7.Employee Welfare Committee
  • 8.Internal and external education and training
  • 9. Labor insurance, health insurance, and group insurance
  • 10.Cash and gifts for three major festivals
  • 11.Cash gifts for weddings and funerals
  • 12.Staff cafeteria and free lunch
  • 13.Comfortable rest space: staff lounge, coffee bar and rooftop garden
  • 14.Subsidies for overseas stationed personnel