Industrial computers

"Low quantity with high diversity" is a characteristic of industrial computers. In the past, industrial computers were mainly used in the control and monitoring of various equipment in factory production.
However, with the development of 3C, the use of industrial computers has expanded from the original industrial automation to office automation, and has even entered the realm of home automation. The use of industrial computers has become part of human life.
Due to the environments where industrial computers are used, the cases of industrial computers are required to feature impact resistance, heat dissipation, electromagnetic protection, etc., as well as favorable scalability to cope with future expansion of equipment. Chi Cheng Group is committed to the research and development of technologies, as well as to improve utilization of the characteristics of industrial computers to meet customers' requirements through the latest diversified and modular designs.

Introduction to the Applications

Appearance case assemblies of database servers

Wearable devices

Video of Processing

Laser cutting, bending and molding, riveting and assembly of rivets, case assembly