Social Concern

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Corporate Philanthropy


Join-hands with public interest groups to extend social concern

Rural EducationMedical care and LearningEnvironmental Improvement

Incorporating resources from public interest groups such as Rotary Club, Chi Cheng Group has extended its social concern from community to international level about the improvement of rural education, medical care, learning, water resources, and environment.
The Chairman not only personally leads employees to participate in various service activities, but also contributes to the society with practical actions, especially the funding of scholarships for children's learning to allow the next generation of the world to be well equipped for the sustainable development of the earth.

Caring for the disadvantaged


Caring for disadvantaged families and provision of educational resources.

Flat contributionCaring for disadvantaged familiesParticipation in related activities

Provision of care and assistance to low-income households or children who may be in suspension of schooling or unstable attendance at school due to family financial difficulties, restrictions, or special circumstances.
The Group also devotes itself to related service activities and regularly donates a fixed amount to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families every year, enabling families and children to feel care from the society while enhancing their living conditions and educational resources.