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Successfully introduced, the ERP system has gone through rigorous analysis, testing, and training, and now is moving towards integrated services, providing customers with more competitive prices, while creating reasonable profits for suppliers.

Constant efforts are made in keeping abreast of new trends in products and markets, as well as active introduction of new technologies and active development of new customers. In addition to improving transaction quality, management of transaction conditions and authorized limits has been strengthened to prevent crises arising to the overall operation from abnormal transactions, and to ensure the stability of operation and profitability.

Committed to developing strategic partnerships with suppliers to generate comprehensive benefits from such a close network of partners, the Company further strengthens long-term mutual relationships, so as to create added value, to share experience, and to grow together for a win-win situation. High-quality suppliers are welcome to join us and work together with Chi Cheng !!!

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  • Tel: + 886-2-2222-6638
  • Responsible department: Material Control Department
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Category of Consultation for Suppliers Contact person Extension E-mail
Plastic materials Cindy Hsu 13193
Non-metal and metal hardware materials (aluminum, stainless steel, cupro-nickel plate, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, nickel plate, magnesium ...) Rita Chang 13191
Surface treatment of hardware and plastics / electro-plating / equipment / electro-plating consumables / anodes / surface decoration of plastic parts / surface coating Lin Yang 17353
Metal stamping / plastic injection Cindy Hsu 13193
Surface machining / precision molds / aluminum shell molds / magnesium alloy related industries / mechanical components / electronic components Jean Jan 13150
Equipment Rita Chang 13191
* Please contact Director Jan if no corresponding contact person is available.